Brandon Holt Memorial Fund
We know the "More Safes For Brandon Act" was a very aggressive idea. It was a start of something when my brother and his wife were hit with this tragedy. I can say that one thing we will be pushing aggressively is Mandatory education and safety classes to get a gun license. You need to take a course to kill a deer but not to use the weapon to do it! Why does everything else in this world evolve bu...t Not gun laws. Even our constitution has been torn apart and made confusing but gun laws have been at a slow crawl. I don't know because I don't have a gun. I do believe in the right to have arms so we are not against that. Just make it safer. To answer many of your questions on "what is it going to do to put the father away and destroy another family?" Here's your answer. Scare the hell out of another parent who might forget to lock their gun up! If we can prevent another family or set of families from ever having to see this, we won. Even if its 1% saved, it's 1% less in tragedy, legal fee, taxes and believe it or not, opinions! The other parents were nice people and nobody likes what's going to be coming, unfortunately there's no stoping the justice that is needed. He should have been arrested, if anything, to prevent him from leaving the country in case he sees something he doesn't like coming! The the other problem with his parents "in the system" is they could get info before its made public!


"Brandon Holt Memorial Fund"
People have also been asking what is the memorial fund for. I created for Ron and Christine for these 3 reasons and it is a legitimate Non Profit I just had set up so you will not see this money go to Vanity! Enough laws were broken.

1. Any outstanding medical or bills that will be unforseen.

2. Getting out of their house that does not have enough value to sell and get a deposit fo...r a new one. (It will also be hard to sell because of this tragic event in the case that no one will want to live there even though the neighborhood is not how people think it is!) they are going to remain in Toms River because they do love the town.

3. Support the cause that so far is for pushing people to take a safety course to get a gun license.

Ron and Christine also asked me to thank everyone who have been gracious in the donations so far and said they are sorry they haven't responded yet. They don't want to copy and paste a generic answer but its hard to type each individual thank you with out the constant remind of this event.

They love all of you for your support!
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